Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Downs but not out....Kittu's journey 1....the arrival!

2001 was the beginning of a new chapter in my otherwise carefree life....longing to hold my own baby for 7 long years....God blessed me with my older daughter Akshu...just when I had lost all hopes....she was a miracle in disguise...literally!I was grateful to God for being kind to us....and thought our world was complete with her..We enjoyed showering her with all our love...accumulated over the years...she was the apple of the entire family.We were a content family! Then when we thought everything was going just the way we would have wanted it to....the arrival of another baby in the family was announced....the year was 2003.We were ecstatic....because we had never expected to be proud parents of two babies....we looked forward to completing our to say.
Kittu was born on 11th Oct 2003 in Delhi...the doctor announced ...its a girl! I was happy just to see her...nothing else registered.Saw a  fair and  plump baby in the doctors arms....I just smiled! My family was complete....then when I was just getting used to this happiness was shortlived...a pediatrician walked in.He informed me that there seemed to be a problem and they needed to do a few tests before telling us just exactly what.Another doctor walked in...checked my little ones palm n toes and walked away shaking his head...leaving me all puzzled and anxious.I kept wishing someone would tell me what was wrong.Then another one walked in and what he told me ,left me all shaken up...and I felt my little world coming crumbling down.My little soul might not be a ' normal child'.She may have difficulties with her milestones n may never be able to sit,stand, like the other normal children....I didn't know what hit me.I forgot all the pain I was in....gathered all my courage and guts and told him..."Letme handle this."I wanted to break the news to my husband and family....and I did! God gave me the courage to face the situation and tell the eagerly waiting family outside the OT about Kittu.This is the time when the words from 'FOOTPRINTS"came to my rescue....We have a baby here and she is diagonised with Down Syndrome . I had no clue what it was all about...all I knew was Kittu had arrived and we would do our best to prove the doctors, we had no idea....but it was a promise we made to ourselves.Hence from here our lil one started her journey!!!!!

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  1. Welcome to blogging !Yes it is very traumatic when you realize that the baby who just walked into your lives has issues.The mother can never forget what each day of her life with that bundle of joy has been.Look forward to reading more on this issue.All the best