Saturday, 2 July 2011

New Down Syndrone Clinic opens at K.L.Raheja Hospital,Mumbai

Today was a new beginning for parents of down syndrome children in Mumbai.A ray of hope we can say....A new clinic opened in Raheja Hospital first of its kind, with commendable efforts from Dr. Rekha Ramachandran,the president of Mathru Mandir,a school n vocational centre for down syndrome kids exclusively, in Chennai and Dr. Uma Nambiar of Raheja Hospital.The clinic will operate on every Saturday,guiding parents with concerns ranging from health issues of their kids,schools n therapies they need to attend,whats new and any researches done in this field.Parents have formed a society of sorts which will meet to share their views n concerns,find solutions to common problems they share,once quarterly.
Dr.Ramachandran made a small powerpoint presentation about Trisomy 21 to create general awareness about this syndrome...problems and remedies.A few parents shared their experiences and the session was very interactive.The kids and parents also got a preview of the therapy rooms .Kids got to play a few games while the parents interacted with the specialist therapists.The session ended with a lot of dreams...n on a promising note.We were served some very delicious lunch comprising of mouth watering palak paneer,aloo dum,dal,some parathas n pulao....followed by gulab jamun...a delicacy for all those with a sweet tooth!

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