Thursday, 14 July 2011

New beginning with Kittu....

While  little Kittu lay by my side on the hospital bed....unaware of the happenings around her....trying to adjust to the new environment ....we as parents and the extended family were trying to battle out with the reality.Didn't know where to start....she was born on a Saturday and Tuesday was the day she had to get a few blood tests done to confirm her being Downs Syndrome.Came Tuesday morning and we kept our fingers n toes crossed that nothing comes out of the reports.Blood samples were taken....sent to Gangaram Hospital in Delhi,the only place where these tests were done.The reports were expected on following Friday.Finally discharged from the hospital....with a lot of love in our hearts and lot of unfulfilled dreams for the little girl...we welcomed her home.Came Friday morning...the reports were expected.We hoped and prayed...nothing comes out of them all....but as they say...Destiny gets the better of you.Whats bound to matter what you do.We waited with bated breaths while my husband went to get the reports.Every phone call would set our hearts racing....and finally the dreaded moment came....Sushil called and confirmed....Kittu has Trisomy 21!!!!!
Absolute silence in the house....tears flowing down silently too...none of us wanted to talk to each other...the only thought that kept crossing was...what has the little innocent soul done to deserve this.I was upset with God...if he wanted to punish someone it should be me...why my little one? The only saving grace through all this was the entire family's it parents,siblings,kids in the family...each one stood by us like the Rock of Gibraltar.I can never forget those days of intense emotions,hurt,pain....hatred to some extent...dont know why though!
Now the only option left with us was to take this thing ahead from here positively....we made up our mind....nothing..absolutely nothings going to change our love and commitment towards our little baby.We will fight with fate for her...the decision was taken ..we will do what we can  to ensure that Kittu leads a normal and a happy life!Then started a long and tedious journey....repeated visits to doctors...Downs Syndrome specialist...Dr.I.C.Verma...who would follow up with the treatment for Downs,cardiologist Dr.Vikas Kohli who would moniter her for her heart ailments....Downs kids generally have holes in the heart.Regular medications and follow ups would at least keep her progress on track.Doctors gave us a green signal to take her to Yemen where my husband was posted then.So all of 3 and a half months...she accompanied me along with my older one to a new life at Sana'a,Yemen in Feb'2004.....

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  1. It is quite a journey and each time you think about it, feels like it is the 1st time.The emotions and feeling seem to be the same.There is always anger, pain, distress, hatred, denial, helplessness,depression, .....endless list, all at the same time.But the good thing is, you walked UP from there and carried on.Way to go!