Friday, 15 July 2011

I feel Blessed ......

Ashim Parida said...

Ma. …when you slant your head sideways

And your eyebrows curve into a perfect bow

An understanding smile crosses your face

As you try to make meaning of my stuttered speech

I am blessed

Ma…when you gently hold my clumsy hand

and wade through a maze of odd stares

a forgiving smile crosses your face

As you try to bring rhythm to my crooked gait

I feel blessed

Ma…when you stretch your legs pleadingly

And coax me to sit on your comforting lap

A persuasive smile crosses your face

As you try to calm down my stubborn behavior

I feel blessed

Ma…when I see a drop of tear swell in your eyes,

every time I defy my inherited infirmities ,

A proud smile crosses your face one more time

As you make the world believe, no challenge can ever

Confine my god given self…I feel blessed!

Ashim Parida

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful poem and well expressed emotions of the child,which I am sure Kitu would realize once she grows up.I seriously feel sir must take up his skills more seriously and write.